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We believe that lived experience must inform change.


We are leading the change-makers in our community and across the nation to end commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). Our sex trafficking research is used to reduce demand, convict traffickers, and decrease barriers for marginalized populations through evidence-based services.


We believe that the best organizations make data-driven decisions, centering the voices of lived experience experts each step of the way. That’s why we base our reports and recommendations in our own lived experiences and survivor-led sex trafficking research.


Whether it's a single step, a mile, or a lifetime, it's our privilege to walk alongside survivors in their individual journeys. We offer trauma-informed services and survivor-centered programs for those currently and formerly experiencing commercial sexual exploitation.




We offer introductory and intermediate training sessions that educate on the realities of sex trafficking in the United States, as well as custom and advanced sessions for those already well-versed in the basic issues of domestic trafficking.



Our direct services are focused on economic empowerment through entrepreneurship. We empower survivors to break the cycle of poverty; as a result, they can eliminate financial vulnerabilities and risk factors for re-exploitation.



We send dozens of curated care packages to survivors in our network each month. This program builds relationships with victims and survivors by establishing trust and demonstrating consistency through a harm reduction model.

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The Avery Center Partnering With BridgeHope

After five years of growth, undeniable impact, and countless seeds of hope sown, BridgeHope can see that their next chapter requires them to take the biggest leap of faith yet by digging deeper into their strategic partnerships, expanding their services, and completing what they started a few years ago through their innovative tech initiatives. Their objective has always been to offer the very best care and support to the survivors of trafficking that they serve and, like The Avery Center, they can't do it alone. The Avery Center and BridgeHope together are excited to announce that BridgeHope will be merging with The Avery Center, magnifying your support and taking our mission to the next level.

Free Our Girls

Looking for Free Our Girls?

After strategically planning how we make the biggest impact for individuals, our community, and the culture, Free Our Girls is now The Avery Center. Same staff, same passion, same services—new name.

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OnlyFans: A Case Study of Exploitation in the Digital Age


Though the OnlyFans online social platform became wildly popular in early 2020, it has been around since 2016. This rapid rise to fame corresponded with the 2020 COVID-19 widespread shelter orders and layoffs that disproportionately impacted young people employed in the service industry. By November of 2020, OnlyFans’ revenues for the year were $400 million, up 540% from 2019.

Today, OnlyFans is a household name, and a debate rages on about how the platform will be held accountable for exploitative and abusive content bought and sold on the site.

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2022 12th Night Viennese Ball & Gala

This year, we hosted our third annual 12th Night ball and gala. It was a wonderful and magical night filled with dancing, merriment, and 12th Night traditions like spiced wassail punch, a coronation of the King & Queen of the Ball, and elegant costumes. Thank you to all who made it so special, including the attendees and all of our wonderful sponsors—and a special thanks to William La Mont Photography for capturing the evening!

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Our Monthly Care Package Program

Every month, we send dozens of carefully-curated care packages to survivors in our network. This program is integral to building relationships with victims and survivors by establishing trust and demonstrating consistency through a harm reduction model.

We've found that individuals we send packages to are far more likely to reach out for help when they're able, than those not receiving care packages. Learn the program's history and see opportunities to support this work.

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We're a dynamic group of survivors, researchers, full-time staff, and volunteers, and there's never a dull moment working on our team. We value independent thought, autonomous self-starters, and anyone excited about making a difference.