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Advanced Preview: OnlyFans Report

53 individual OnlyFans content creators participated in a survey created by The Avery Center discussing their experiences with the platform.

It is easy to suspect that trafficking is happening on the OF platform, or is likely to happen there—in fact, there have even been occasional cases of trafficking reported and confirmed. However, contrary to the image portrayed, our OnlyFans report confirms that exploitation is not a rare occurrence.

OnlyFans: Exploitation or Liberation? Women on Wednesday

This webinar, moderated by Dr. Angie Henderson, focuses on the social platform, OnlyFans, and the drastic increase in activity it has seen due to the pandemic.

The majority of OnlyFan users fall within the 18-25 age range, and due to the pay wall in-place and the requirement to subscribe to each individual user, researchers and law enforcement are struggling to monitor what is being shared and whether exploitation and trafficking is happening.

The Bitter Truth About Sugaring and OnlyFans

Recorded for the 2021 Coalition To End Sexual Exploitation Online Global Summit, join Angela Henderson and Megan Lundstrom in a discussion on the truth about sugaring and OnlyFans.

A Call to Guys Part II: Shifting the Conversation from ‘I have daughters’ to ‘I have sons’

Join us to hear more about how men can join the fight against commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking from exceptional male allies in the field.

Moderated by Dr. Angie Henderson, Peter Qualliotine from Modeling Equality, Tom Perez from EPIK Project, and Officer Robert Knab from Fort Collins Police Services will share their perspectives on shifting culture, and what male allyship looks like in their daily work.

A Call to Guys Part I: From Bystander to Standing With Sex Trade Survivors & Exited Voices

This webinar will center lived experience expert voices in a "call to guys" interested in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.

Moderated by Megan Lundstrom, co-founder and Director of Research at The Avery Center, a panel of exited individuals will discuss what they wish all men knew about the commercial sex trade, and how to be an informed ally engaged in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation.


Basic Trauma-Informed Interviewing Recommendations for Health Care Professionals from The Avery Center

Ending The Game Support Group Details
from The Avery Center

Utilizing Trauma-Informed Approaches to Trafficking-Related Work from the JRI Trauma Center

Understanding the Mindset of a Human Trafficking Victim from the US Department of Health & Human Services

More Anti-trafficking Webinars and Recordings

The Intersection of Substance Use

The Intersection of Substance Use, Mental Health & Commercial Sexual Exploitation

This training will shed light on a variety of indicators of CSE that often present in a health care setting: substance use disorders, suicide attempt, and other mental health issues. Based on data collected by The Avery Center, substances were used both as a means of control by traffickers and as a way to "numb the pain of the repeated trauma" of being trafficked.

anti-trafficking webinars

Planting a Seed: Identifying Sex Trafficking Victims From a Trauma-Informed Perspective

Victims and survivors of CSE are commonly asked "Why didn't you just leave?" Understanding this question is often best framed using the Stages of Change model (SCM). This psycho-therapeutic tool is used to predict a person's ability to succeed at a particular behavior change based on their current perception of reality.

anti-trafficking webinars andSex Trafficking Training for Health Care Professionals to intelligently end exploitation

Sex Trafficking Training for Health Care Professionals

Research suggests that health care professionals are very likely to interact with trafficked individuals during their time of exploitation. In this free webinar, co-founders of The Avery Center Megan Lundstrom and Dr. Angie Henderson will discuss how to identify indicators of sex trafficking in a health care setting, including verbal, nonverbal and other contextual cues. Participants will become familiar with red flags and strategies for handling those incidences using a trauma-informed approach.