A Call to Guys: From Bystander to Standing With Sex Trade Survivors & Exited Voices

» Thursday October 29 | 7:00 PM MDT

This webinar will center lived experience expert voices in a "call to guys" interested in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.

Moderated by Megan Lundstrom, co-founder and Director of Research at The Avery Center, a panel of exited individuals will discuss what they wish all men knew about the commercial sex trade, and how to be an informed ally engaged in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation.


Megan Lundstrom

Megan Lundstrom, M.A.

Following my exit in 2012, and as my healing progressed, I felt compelled to begin sharing my experiences of being lured and trapped in the commercial sex industry. What I found as I began to share my story in my home town was that very few agencies were aware that these crimes were occurring in their community, and even fewer felt equipped to serve the complex needs of survivors like me. In 2014, I founded this organization in response to these unmet needs. Since then, we've offered countless training sessions, as well as direct services to survivors.


Andrea Heinz

Andrea Heinz is a Canadian feminist who writes and speaks about commercialized sex. After spending 7 years in the licensed adult industry as an Escort and brothel owner, she is now a sex trade abolitionist and Equality Model proponent. Andrea shares her journey and insight with students, professionals and the general public. She is happily married with three young children.

"Angie and Megan take the complex social issues facing our society today and translate them into bite-sized chunks for the rest of us. Their passion, vision and perspective is lively, insightful, professional and applicable. As a leader in the anti-trafficking work of our area, I can always count on them to bring timely answers to challenging problems, answers that invite me to think differently and with a clarity I'd not yet known. We would not be where we are in our work today without Angie and Megan."

Chris Bruno


Chris Bruno, LPC
Restoration Counseling

"The Avery Center is a wonderful organisation, right at the forefront of the fight against exploitation in the USA. Their approach, research, and commitment to building dedicated partnerships allows us to work together and build innovative projects powered by data and technology. Through global relationships, we can all achieve more than the sum of our parts."

Ruth Dearnley

Ruth Dearnley

Chief Executive, STOP THE TRAFFIK

"Breaking the phases into the categories of boyfriend pimp, CEO pimp, and CSE is a breakdown I would have never thought to apply but seems really crucial to our understanding. That has given me a lot of pause. This proves the importance of having individuals with lived [experience] as active participants (and ideally leaders) of the work...there is a tremendous amount of work to be done to develop more refined, nuanced, and targeted information."

financial crimes investigators

The Avery Center
Financial Crimes Investigators Presentation