Training Series 1

Thank you for your interest in working with The Avery Center! We're glad you're here.

Training Series 1
covers all the introductory information you’ll need about The Avery Center, including our background and important organization policies.

To ensure that this information is readily accessible to all who need it, each section includes a video training, an audio-only recording, and companion note sheets which can be downloaded from this page.

The entire Training Series 1 is also available as a written transcript, which you may download here:

Training Series 1: Video, Audio & Note Sheets

Section 1: Who We Are

Here you can see a historical timeline that captures historical milestones in the domestic anti-trafficking field and how The Avery Center’s growth to present day fits within the larger context.

Section 2: Foundational Concepts

In this section, we explore The Avery Center’s foundational concepts. These concepts are the basis upon which all company practices, research efforts, and service provision are built upon.

SECTION 3 – Scope of Work

While our organization has a Service arm and a Research arm, all of our engagement begins with intentional outreach. This outreach starts with training service providers, connecting with marginalized and vulnerable groups in our community, and social media.

Download the PowerPoint Note Sheet

SECTION 4 – Employees and Contractors

This section covers the information specific to paid employees and contractors at The Avery Center. We’ll look at how funding for jobs is allocated and reported, the different classifications of workers at The Avery Center, what an employment agreement looks like, the benefits of salaried employees, and the key components of an employee annual review.

SECTION 5 – New Team Member Onboarding Overview

This training video provides a brief overview of the basic components of onboarding a new team member. The topics discussed in this training apply broadly to board members, W4 and I9 workers, interns and volunteers, however there may be some variation between who the new team member reports to and the specific documents required to officially onboard with the organization.

SECTION 6 – Additional Conduct Policies

The Avery Center has a four-page attendance policy for the organization that outlines the types of absences, the number of days in a given year workers can have, and the procedures for requesting time off, notifying supervisors of absences, and limits of excessive absences.

Want a record of everything covered here? Download the written transcript:

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