Welcome to The Avery Seal E-Course Library! It takes courage and dedication to cause positive impact – and that’s exactly what you’re doing by being here.

There’s a lot of misconstrued information out there in the anti-human trafficking movement and the intention of this e-course is to deliver accurate information so the truth can become the main narrative. As an organization created to serve survivors of trafficking, it is your responsibility to be up to date with trauma-informed practices, survivors’ rights, and relevant information to your clients.

All courses in The Avery Seal Library are evidence-based, research supported, and were designed and developed by a lived-experience expert. Since this platform comes from a lived-experience lens, it’s meant to share what has been helpful, what has been harmful in this movement, and to highlight what needs to change. Without these experts’ time, research, and commitment to this vision, The Avery Center could have never done it without them.

There’s a lot of valuable and maybe new information to digest here, so as a reminder, take your time or a break when needed. Additionally, each course ends with a quiz that will further develop your understanding of the topic.

Let’s get started!

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