Closing Thoughts

You have officially reached the end of The Avery Seal E-Course Library. If you haven’t already, make sure to acknowledge this achievement of yours. Furthering our education and expanding our knowledge takes time and effort. We covered a lot of ground with the current lessons we have and also realize there are more topics and information that we’ll need to incorporate in further renditions. We hope you can walk away from this E-Course with a deeper understanding of the types of services survivors need, the importance of trauma-informed care, and the influence your organization has in this space.

Additionally, in order for us to transition this movement to be more trauma-informed, we must start with ourselves. We must spend time being curious about our own implicit bias and ideologies of social construction to ensure systems of oppression aren’t being repeated unintentionally. Whether we are showing up as allies, activists, survivors, or lived-experience experts, collaboration across all sectors is needed to have a consistent, evidence-based approach. We must find the balance between giving support and receiving support to avoid burnout and vicarious trauma. This is not a sprint with a ribbon to run through at the end, but a journey of revolution, patience, and healing, that can only be achieved if we go together.