Aftercare Services for Survivors of Pimp-Controlled Sex Trafficking

A gap exists between the types of services that survivors believe they need and what providers believe survivors need. Bridging this gap, so that providers are aware of what survivors actually need, is critical in being able to support them and meet their goals. Too often, service providers are coming from a place of good intent but have a harmful impact on who they’re trying to help. By implementing trauma-informed practices and a survivor-centered approach in services harm can be avoided.

Although this lesson has a similar title as the previous, the objectives and content are very different. This lesson focuses on what types of services are needed according to survivors, defines what trauma-informed care means to survivors, and uses theories and models to inform providers about what these needs are.

Jasmine Conway has lived experience expertise, is an author, coach, and consultant on sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Jasmine’s personal and professional experiences navigating housing, social, and legal services is what led to the creation of OneSurvivortoAnother, a peer coaching and lived experience consulting organization. Jasmine tailors’ solutions to address individual needs of survivors, educates the greater community on awareness, prevention, and intervention of exploitation, and collaborates with service providers and community organizations to implement measures that improve outcomes for survivors.