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It's so amazing that you are here. We've had some incredible opportunities to reach new audiences—whether you heard us on a podcast, saw us on TV, or read Megan's story in a magazine, thank you for taking time out of your day to learn more about us.

There are a myriad of ways that individuals and organizations can support The Avery Center. But if we're being completely direct and honest, the number one way you can support our work is simple:

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When you partner with The Avery Center with an ongoing or one-time donation, you help us expand our impact, further stabilize our existing programs, and accelerate the speed we can launch new initiatives.

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Where does my money go?

Great question. Every donor to any cause wants to know that their contributions are being used wisely. Here's the breakdown of how we've been using private funding, as well as areas where we see the greatest needs and opportunities.


This is by far our biggest area of opportunity.

We integrate survivors’ lived experiences into every analytical project we take on. Domestic sex trafficking is a complex issue and our research furthers understanding of what happens, why, and how. This translates to more effective demand reduction and powerful trauma-informed services for survivors.


The vast majority goes directly to survivor outreach and service.

Our flagship Job Training Program provides employment for survivors while teaching entrepreneurship and financial skills. The trauma-informed program works to address and process triggers common for survivors. We also offer Peer Support Groups, Financial Literacy courses, on-site activities and amenities, custom, curated monthly packages for survivors through our Care Package Program, and more.


Administration and marketing costs not related to research & services.

We've built our network, created programs from scratch, and brought in survivor leaders to manage and grow initiatives. Roughly 95¢ of every dollar donated has a direct, immediate impact in the lives of survivors. Our commitment to transparency has earned us the GuideStar Platinum badge.

Support survivors of commercial sexual exploitation with a repeating or one-time donation.

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We integrate survivors’ lived experiences into every analytical project we take on. This data is used to help organizations make informed decisions to intelligently end exploitation. There is so much remaining to learn, uncover, and publish. Discovering, collecting, and presenting more data helps our organization and others operate more effectively while bringing survivor voices to the forefront.

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Every month, we send dozens of carefully-curated care packages to survivors in our network. This program is integral to building relationships with trafficked people. We've found that individuals we send packages to are far more likely to reach out for help when they're able, than those not receiving care packages. We want to grow this program and reach more individuals.

The Avery Center Care Package Program



The Avery Center focuses on care management and at this time we do not currently perform emergency intervention or on-site crisis response services. This is a huge area of need in the communities we serve. We are able to refer survivors in crisis to community partners, but the unmet needs in this area are still significant.

Help us create programs and services to meet these opportunities.


Help us create connections with the right changemakers.

The data provided by our research provides a larger, more complete understanding of what's really happening within the world of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) and the best ways to reduce demand, convict traffickers, and decrease barriers for marginalized populations to access the services they need.

If you work in or are connected with a sector that would benefit from our training or consultation work, we'd love to hear from you. Our work can be especially impactful for sectors that intersect directly with CSE: law enforcement, medical professionals, educators, researchers, court officials, attorneys, and direct service providers.

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More Support Opportunities

We know it can feel good to roll up your sleeves and put in a hard day's work supporting a cause you care about. If you want to volunteer with The Avery Center, check out our Volunteer FAQ. We've also assembled links to some of our programs and services. On each page, you can learn more about the specific program as well as specific support opportunities for it.

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