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Money is often used as a weapon against trafficked individuals, keeping them dependent on their trafficker or living in fear of poverty. Written by survivor leader and The Avery Center co-founder Megan Lundstrom, Survivor's Guide To Money focuses on practical lessons and worksheets which teach survivors how to use money as a tool for their success outside of The Game. Available as both an online course and a workbook.


When you purchase a sponsorship, your donation funds long-term financial literacy and economic stability.

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"As a survivor of familial trafficking, I often felt alone and misunderstood in the world. I had a lot of trauma surrounding money and believed that I would be stuck in the cycle of poverty forever. The only thing I had been taught about money was that I didn’t deserve to have it and the only way I could obtain it was through using my body. It wasn’t until I came into contact with Megan Lundstrom and The Avery Center that I was able to start my healing process.

The Survivor’s Guide to Money was a huge catalyst for change regarding my personal relationship with money. Megan blends financial literacy, everything from taxes to building wealth, with her personal experience as a survivor of trafficking. Normally math would scare me away, but I always looked forward to reading more about her experience and learning what seemed like a foreign language in an accessible way. After reading her book, I was able to create a plan to build credit, buy a house, and plan a future for my son that I would never have dreamed of otherwise. I believe that all survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation deserve to have access to this book so we can all heal our traumas surrounding money and begin to thrive."


—Survivor of Sex Trafficking

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