IBM Assists in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

  • Bridging public, private and not-for-profit sectors worldwide, IBM makes technology such as Watson Discovery and Natural Language Processing available to help fight human trafficking. Avery Research & Consulting will be collaborating with the IBM Traffik Analysis Hub to build a database of trafficking-related data in Colorado. This “Colorado Trafficking Collaborative” will be launched in 2020.

Chief Chat
KRFC Radio

  • Chief Chat is a discussion with those in the arena who work hard every day to make sure their communities are safer and more inclusive for everyone. Join Fort Collins Police Chief Jeff Swoboda and Neighborhood Enforcement Team Officer Rob Knab in a conversation with Angie and Megan about sex trafficking: what it is, its impact on the local and national levels, and what people can do to spot it in their communities.

Understanding Trafficker Recruitment Strategies Through Cultic Theory

  • Sex trafficking research has been plagued by the lack of reliable data, limiting the ways we understand the billion-dollar industry. To remedy this, Megan and Angie conducted in-depth interviews with women in the United States who identified as survivors or current victims of sex trafficking. Using cultic theory as a framework, the research investigates women’s experiences of recruitment and control during their time of being trafficked.

Third Annual Survivor-Led Symposium: Engaging Survivors of CSE

  • Survivor leaders from across the county convened at the Inn at Villanova to lead a series of workshops ranging from a discussion on historical and contemporary manifestations of oppression, to an exploration of social media’s role in recruitment, to trauma-informed law enforcement interview strategies. Throughout the entirety of the event, the recognition that the survivors voices are imperative to success of the anti-exploitation movement was paramount.

A Sample of Applied Research in Anti Sex Trafficking Work Across Sectors

  • With over a decade of combined lived experience, direct service provision, and academic research, The Avery Center co-founder Megan Lundstrom offers case studies, pilot project analyses, mathematical models, and framework created between 2015-2018 aimed at equipping professionals (such as first responders, law enforcement, medical & mental health professionals, and direct service providers) to disrupt demand and serve victims and survivors of CSE and ST.

Human Trafficking Survivor and Activist on Victims of “Victimless” Prostitution

  • Ask Megan Lundstrom how she reacts to those who believe prostitution is a victimless crime and her response fierce and swift. “That’s totally uninformed, and it really gets my hackles up,” says Lundstrom. "As a young adult and single mom, I was trafficked for about five years," she adds. "I was arrested eleven times on prostitution charges, and on the arrest sheets—I will never forget this—there's a line where the officers write if there was a victim. And on one of them, it said I had victimized society."

Bear in Mind Episode 43 – Sex Trafficking in Our Backyard

  • The Avery Center co-founder Dr. Angie Henderson discusses how data collection contributes to learning about the sex trafficking industry in Northern Colorado and across the United States.