We believe that the best organizations make data-driven decisions, centering the voices of lived experience experts each step of the way. That’s why we integrate survivors’ lived experiences into every analytical project we take on, to help your organization make informed decisions to intelligently end exploitation.

Experts at The Avery Center are engaged in local, national and international research.  Collaboration is at the heart of our work; whether we are consulting with a non-profit organization in Hawaii, the United Kingdom, or with Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, we approach ongoing projects with the same data-driven perspective, centering survivors’ voices in all of our work.

We hold a large contact database of individuals with lived experience in the sex trade – not just survivors, but those still being victimized by pimps and traffickers. This sets our research and training capabilities completely apart from any other existing organizations. We have gathered one of the largest qualitative data sets on domestic pimp-controlled sex trafficking in US history at this time.


We offer introductory and intermediate training sessions, as well as custom and advanced training sessions for those already well-versed in the basic issues of domestic sex trafficking.

"Exceptional material. I did not understand the true depth of this problem until she brought attention to the ads that she had posted and how many responses she was getting. It hit home in a real and powerful way!"

"Angie and Megan take the complex social issues facing our society today and translate them into bite-sized chunks for the rest of us. Their passion, vision and perspective is lively, insightful, professional and applicable. As a leader in the anti-trafficking work of our area, I can always count on them to bring timely answers to challenging problems, answers that invite me to think differently and with a clarity I'd not yet known. We would not be where we are in our work today without Angie and Megan."

Chris Bruno


Chris Bruno, LPC
Restoration Counseling

"To say that the knowledge we gained from partnering with The Avery Center elevated our investigations to another level is an understatement. We were able to shift our investigations in such a way that the impact was undeniable. As a result of this collaborative effort we have become one of the leaders in trafficking investigations. We regularly have other departments seeking out information on how to impact their community the way that we have in ours. None of this would be possible if we had not come alongside The Avery Center to understand the problem and explore how prevalent the issue is in our area."

Rob Knab


Rob Knab
Fort Collins Police Department

"Breaking the phases into the categories of boyfriend pimp, CEO pimp, and CSE is a breakdown I would have never thought to apply but seems really crucial to our understanding. That has given me a lot of pause. This proves the importance of having individuals with lived [experience] as active participants (and ideally leaders) of the work...there is a tremendous amount of work to be done to develop more refined, nuanced, and targeted information."

financial crimes investigators

The Avery Center
Financial Crimes Investigators Presentation


Have a specific question or need something different than what we're offering with training sessions? We can provide customized content, models, and research to exactly meet your organization's unique needs.

"Megan's presentation was extremely helpful and her finance-ology framework really worked for me."


Published works from co-founders Dr. Angie Henderson and Megan Lundstrom, podcast episodes discussing our work, and articles from organizations we partner with.



We are a truly unique partnership between academia and survivors of the sex trade. Survivors are not merely “researched;”  they are actively learning and becoming the researchers within our organization. This ensures that our perspective stays aligned with current lived experiences and provides skilled employment opportunities for survivors (one of our many direct service opportunities!)

"She struck a perfect balance of sharing [her] records and the context for transactions, including some of her own accounting during exploitation. I'm very grateful to Megan for sharing this with us as I feel I understand a lot more now."