Survivor’s Guide To Money Online Course


Making Money a Tool For Your Success

Based on the original curriculum in the SGTM workbook, this online course has updates, expanded content, interactive lessons, videos and more.

Money is often used as a weapon against trafficked individuals, keeping them dependent on their trafficker or living in fear of poverty. Survivor leader and The Avery Center co-founder Megan Lundstrom wrote this interactive course to teach survivors how to use money as a tool for their success outside of The Game.

This course focuses on practical lessons, real-life examples, and interactive worksheets designed to aid in the processing of financial trauma and create new and lasting habits around money.

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If you’ve recently left The Game, or are considering your options for leaving, this course can help you implement practical financial steps that make it possible.

In addition to personal examples, Megan includes published research about financial abuse and resources for stabilizing your financial situation. Homework includes worksheets with real-life examples and hypothetical situations demonstrating and working through the following:

  • How to track and review cash flows
  • Reviewing and storing your critical identification documents
  • Understanding the difference between legal and illegal predatory financial practices
  • The true cost of predatory payday loans and rent-to-own companies
  • Understanding your post-tax take-home income and income tax brackets
  • Separating your worth as an individual from your paycheck
  • Dealing with culture shock entering the workforce after The Game
  • Methods for making Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Based (SMART) goals
  • How to create your own financial and support safety net
  • Step-by-step processes for dealing with personal and financial catastrophes so that you can prevent and prepare
  • Exposing extreme financial behaviors and learning how to act with more moderation
  • Researching methods for ending poverty
  • Processing people in your life who may have too much, or too little, access to you
  • Moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset
  • Understanding The Four Forms of Capital and how you can leverage them to move yourself forward
  • Discovering that “overnight success” is a myth
  • Creating an actionable poverty exit plan


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