Third Party Pimp-Controlled Trafficking & Aftercare

Third party pimp-controlled trafficking is one of the most common trafficking methods in the United States. Taking advantage of their victims’ vulnerabilities, pimps use covert or overt control methods to groom and exploit them for profit. Several victims don’t identify as being trafficked or even as a victim initially because of their perceived barriers, including, emotional attachment to their trafficker, having limited choice, and

About the Presenter:

Jazmyn Gasparri is the CEO and founder of Brave Embrace LLC, a provider of trauma-informed doula birth/abortion services and childbirth/parenting education. Services are free of charge to survivors of sex trafficking and people who are incarcerated. She grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, with her three children. She is passionate about dancing, reading and cooking. 

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