Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is the last step in implementing a program. Unfortunately, it’s often missing from programs directed to provided services to survivors of trafficking. Without this important tool how do we know our intentions for implementing a program actually had the desired impact?

Evaluation is important because it’s how we understand why or why not a program is working. It’s through evaluation that we learn how to fix what isn’t working so the program can improve. Then, we get to share those results with the community so that the same mistakes aren’t repeated, and so we learn as a collective what is actually effective.  

The follow presentation will go more in depth on why evaluation is needed, how evaluations are created, areas to evaluate, and how to implement evaluation findings.

About the Presenter:

Holly O’Berem has been working in the anti-trafficking field for 5 years and brings value as a lived experience expert, trainer, survivor advocate & educator. Having worked for a direct service provider for adult survivors of sex trafficking and their children, she brings first-hand knowledge of survivor needs to the team. Holly is a Colorado native who has recently relocated to the Louisville, KY area with her husband and three children. 

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