Digital Protection of Sexually Explicit Material: Examining the Impact of FOSTA-SESTA and Moving Forward with the EARN IT Act

FOSTA-SESTA refers to The Fighting Online Sex Trafficking Act and The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act. These two acts were implemented to address liability of computer services and also contributed to shutting down More recently congress introduced the Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act (EARN IT Act) to address online child sexual exploitation. Policies create impact in the anti-trafficking movement and it’s important to critique who are the ones creating policies and for what purpose.

By the end of this lesson you will understand how The Stages of Change model overlaps with intersectionality, understand how language impacts sexual exploitation, and examine how policies and procedures address sexual exploitation.

About the Presenter:

As a first-generation student and an activist for sexually exploited people, Bianca looks forward to changing practices and policies that impact the global majority. Bianca is currently in sociology MA program, and they will graduate in spring of May 2023 with a certificate in college teaching at UNCO. They enjoy writing, journaling and painting. Most of their research focuses on creating accessible education, art activism, and the impact of sexual exploitation through frameworks like intersectionality, critical race theory, and culturally sustaining pedagogy. They believe these frameworks are needed in the anti-trafficking field to inform change and to allow the global majority to thrive. Bianca is a McNair alumni and Stryker alumni, and through their experience in these programs they have learned how to collaborate with others with patience, kindness, and vulnerability.  

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