Jennifer Markiewicz

Jennifer Markiewicz


How did you first learn about and begin working with The Avery Center?

I have worked in nonprofit victim services since 2005. Over that time, the need for an organization dedicated to sex trafficking victim services became clear. The Northern Colorado community was fortunate to have Megan and The Avery Center spearhead this effort.


How long have you been with the organization?

Since June 2018.


What do you think sets The Avery Center apart from other organizations in this sector?

The Avery Center is the only victims service provider that I am aware of that focuses on research. This is an important service, and I believe The Avery Center is uniquely qualified to collect and analyze data on sex trafficking. Also, The Avery Center's focus on financial self sufficiency is unique. Both from the perspective of client services and as a business model, The Avery Center understands the importance of financial independence.

Helping survivors develop these skills and providing real, professional opportunities to generate income certainly sets the organization apart. The Avery Center has also established its own revenue-generating operations to help to sustain the organization without relying solely on charitable giving.


What's your favorite part/the most fulfilling part of your role?

Helping to create jobs for people who are passionate about eradicating sex trafficking.


What do you enjoy doing when you're not at The Avery Center?

Fishing with my son. Riding bikes with my husband. Teaching at Aims Community College.


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