We believe that change should be data-driven, and that the most important component of policy-making, direct service, or any other aspect of anti-trafficking work is a deep look into the realities of the commercial sex industry. That’s why we center our work and recommendations around survivor voices. We do this to help both our own as well as your organization make informed decisions to intelligently end exploitation.

We offer introductory and intermediate anti-trafficking training sessions, as well as custom and advanced training sessions and consulting services for those already well-versed in the basic issues of domestic sex trafficking.


Domestic Sex Trafficking Awareness, Prevention and Response

In this introductory anti-trafficking training, The Avery Center seeks to educate and inform your organization on the realities of sex trafficking in the United States. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • What is sex trafficking?
  • How can you identify trafficking?
  • What are the risk factors?
  • Sex trafficking statistics
  • What's being done to advance prevention

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If travel and training expenses prevent your organization from booking a training, we are happy to connect you with a Survivor Leader near you who would be able to deliver an introductory-level anti-trafficking training to not only ensure your group is receiving quality, informative content, but also to ensure your training budget is used most efficiently. To be connected with a Survivor Leader who offers anti-trafficking training in your area, please contact us at

"[Megan Lundstrom's] presentation was a really interesting perspective. Bringing a financial analysis to a crime like sex trafficking makes so much sense, but it was the first time I'd received the information."

"Exceptional material. I did not understand the true depth of this problem until [Dr. Henderson] brought attention to the ads that she had posted and how many responses she was getting. It hit home in a real and powerful way!"

"I loved listening to Angie and Megan! I have been to a few events from The Avery Center hosted by these two and every time I am so impressed by them."

"One of the best trainings I have attended in my 10 years of Law Enforcement. Initially I was skeptical and a bit close-minded about victim-directed approaches. Seeing and hearing directly from the victims and tying that into what we were taught changed my look and my approach to handling these investigations."

"This class was very beneficial and touched on a topic that our investigators had not entertained in using in our undercover Ops. We will be visiting this topic in the future!"

"This was such great information for us to have. A fairly unknown and off the radar topic that they brought much clarity to. Thank you Megan and Ben!!"

"[Megan Lundstrom] was great and I appreciated everything she brought to the conference, her enthusiasm and passion are incredible. I really saw the importance of having survivors involved in the process and investigations."

"Phenomenally bright woman who is turning her negative and jarring experience into a blessing for others.  So inspired by Megan and hope she and her organization continue to thrive and do great things.  Thank you, Megan!"


Has your organization attended our introductory Domestic Sex Trafficking Awareness, Prevention and Response training, or a similar introductory training such as The Colorado Human Trafficking Council's standardized curriculum, An Introduction to Human Trafficking in Colorado? Our intermediate anti-trafficking training sessions offer a more in-depth look at one or more facets of domestic sex trafficking.

From Problem to Solution

  • Utilizing economic models for supply and demand, this session explains how ending the demand for commercial sex is the only viable way to end sex trafficking.

Life After
“The Life”

  • Holistic healing from the perspective of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the common obstacles for survivors as they attempt to reintegrate.

Colorado Case Studies in CSEC

  • Using a series of case studies of high-risk for CSEC in Colorado, service providers will identify information silos and service gaps.

CSEC Crime Terminology

  • 5 main forms of CSEC, the federal statutes regarding each, and lines of discussion for intake interviews of at-risk youth.

Intro to Cultic Theory

  • Pimp-controlled sex trafficking as a cultic group and mind control that victims experience.

Exploited Social Rules

  • 5 forms of social interactions observed in our society, and how traffickers exploit these for their benefit.

Pimp-Control: Tattoos and Branding

  • Common pimp-control tattoos and discussion on common language and rules within the culture.

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"Angie and Megan take the complex social issues facing our society today and translate them into bite-sized chunks for the rest of us. Their passion, vision and perspective is lively, insightful, professional and applicable. As a leader in the anti-trafficking work of our area, I can always count on them to bring timely answers to challenging problems, answers that invite me to think differently and with a clarity I'd not yet known. We would not be where we are in our work today without Angie and Megan."

Chris Bruno comment on anti-trafficking training sessions

Chris Bruno, LPC
Restoration Counseling

"To say that the knowledge we gained from partnering with The Avery Center elevated our investigations to another level is an understatement. We were able to shift our investigations in such a way that the impact was undeniable. As a result of this collaborative effort we have become one of the leaders in trafficking investigations. We regularly have other departments seeking out information on how to impact their community the way that we have in ours. None of this would be possible if we had not come alongside The Avery Center to understand the problem and explore how prevalent the issue is in our area."

Rob Knab


Rob Knab
Fort Collins Police Department


Have a topic not addressed by our intermediate training sessions? We can work with you to identify parameters for a training that covers a new topic or a specific problem your organization may be facing. Use the form below to request information on a custom or advanced training session.

"I love the part where you covered trauma-informed research…to meet the victim where they are at and addressing PTSD with no barriers to the doors, incentivizing participation and meeting basic needs that have often been overlooked."

"Angie and Megan are AWESOME, thank you both of what you do in helping survivors and educating the communities!"

"Super helpful presentation pairing the development of a real programming with dynamic research. The presenters were articulate, well‐prepared and engaging. Thank you for the time."


Perhaps your business or organization is looking for information specific to your current needs or a future development that isn't suited to a training session. We also offer by-the-hour consulting services, including:

  • Research and reporting into the topic of your choice
  • Mathematical risk and estimation reports
  • Predicted impact and recommendations to mitigate trafficking risk

We recently worked with a business owner who was looking at opening an over-the-road truck stop in a small town. One of their concerns was an increase in sex trafficking at the truck stop. We created a mathematically-backed estimation report predicting the percent of increase in commercial sex trafficking victims in their area. Using this data, the business owner was able to better asses the risk and develop a plan to mitigate it.

Contact us using the form below to request additional information about consulting services available at The Avery Center.