Free Our Girls
is now
The Avery Center

After strategically planning how we make the biggest impact for individuals, our community, and the culture, Free Our Girls is now The Avery Center. Same staff, same passion, same services—new name.

Introducing The Avery Center

After a six-month, intensive and intentional strategic planning process over the fall of 2019 and into the spring of 2020, Free Our Girls’ board and executive staff collectively decided that a name change and re-branding was necessary in order to communicate more inclusively to the ages and genders of the survivors we walk alongside. This new brand also formally includes the academic research, training, consulting, and policy advocacy work that our organization now performs.

Our research arm focuses on advocating and evaluating demand and harm reduction frameworks to identify and hold accountable those that fuel exploitation, and to better identify, intervene, and empower those who have experienced exploitation.

Our service arm focuses on economic empowerment-focused programs, such as financial literacy curriculum and our Job Training Program, as well as peer support groups and basic needs resource delivery.


There are a myriad of ways that individuals and organizations can support The Avery Center. When you partner with us with an ongoing or one-time donation, you help us expand our impact, further stabilize our existing programs, and accelerate the speed we can launch new initiatives.


We believe that the best organizations make data-driven decisions, centering the voices of lived experience experts each step of the way. That’s why we integrate survivors’ lived experiences into every analytical project we take on, to help your organization make informed decisions to intelligently end exploitation.


Whether it's a single step, a mile, or a lifetime, it's our privilege to walk alongside survivors in their individual journeys. We offer a wide range of trauma-informed services and survivor led programs for those currently and formerly experiencing commercial sexual exploitation.


We're a dynamic group of survivors, researchers, full-time staff, and volunteers, and there's never a dull moment working on our team. We value independent thought, autonomous self-starters, and anyone excited about making a difference.

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