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Angie Henderson, Ph.D.


How did you first learn about and begin working with The Avery Center? How long have you been with the organization?

Megan and I met in 2015 at the University of Northern Colorado Empathy Week. We immediately clicked and began collaborating on research projects that would benefit her organization. In 2018, we co-founded Avery Research & Consulting, and in 2020 we've merged the two organizations as The Avery Center. I have loved every minute!


What do you think sets The Avery Center apart from other organizations in this sector?

The Avery Center’s commitment to centering survivor voices and assuring that solid data informs the organization’s practices truly set this organization apart. Many nonprofits either provide direct services or data analysis or are survivor led; TAC combines all three, which is unique and really sets this organization at the forefront of this movement.


What's your favorite part/the most fulfilling part of your role?

I am so fulfilled when I see interns and budding researchers really dig into the data collection and analysis pieces of their work at TAC. I love seeing their methodological training and passion for the subjects we study coalesce. It all comes together when they’re able to witness how their research has a direct impact on service provision and advocacy work to fight human trafficking.


What do you enjoy doing when you're not at The Avery Center?

Reading, camping, biking, gardening and cooking!


Who is someone you admire, and why?

My grandpa Moody still inspires me though he’s been gone for 15 years. He was one of the kindest and most intelligent people I know. His laugh will live me forever.


Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?

I am a tomboy and find solace in being dirty and messy and muddy outside. I love fishing and have never been afraid of baiting a hook or taking a fish off the line. My nickname as a little girl was Bluegill Angie because I was never afraid to get finned by a bluegill while baiting a setline 🙂


What advice would you give someone who wants to join the Avery team of superstars?

A sense of humor is a must, as is hard work. We value open and honest communication on our team and keep one another accountable. It is a very trauma-informed environment.


What you're listening to now:

Podcasts: In The Dark and Crime Junkie
Books: Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy war stories


TV show you're hooked on:


I love our team!

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